Oral Health Advice

    Oral health advice

    07 Nov 2019


    1. Clean your mouth and teeth properly twice a day.
    2. Make sure that your child cleans their teeth properly twice a day.
    3. Make sure the whole family visits the dentist regularly, including if any of you wear braces or dentures.
    4. Eat a balanced diet with fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of water, and avoid foods that you know can trigger your mouth ulcers.
    5. Try to reduce your stress and anxiety levels by doing an activity that you find relaxing, such as meditating, practising yoga or other exercise.
    6. If you wear a brace, keep your teeth and braces clean, to help prevent dental decay and inflamed gums.
    7. Eat the right foods when wearing a brace and avoid fizzy drinks and natural fruit juices.
    8. If you wear a partial denture, properly clean any remaining teeth as well as your dentures, to remove food and plaque and prevent dental problems.
    9. If you leave dentures out at night, keep them moist with a denture-cleanser soaking solution or water, so the dentures do not dry out or lose their shape.
    10. Look out for teething signs from your baby, and help relieve their pain by giving them objects to safely chew on, or sugar-free teething gel specifically designed for their age.
    11. If your baby has a raised temperature or is in pain, you may want to give them a children's sugar-free painkiller such as ibuprofen or a paracetamol suspension for children.
    12. If you have a cold sore, thoroughly wash your hands using liquid soap and clean water before and after applying cold sore cream, and don't share medication or other items that come into contact with the affected area.
    13. Make sure you avoid close contact with those people more likely to pick up an infection when you have a cold sore.
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